Sarah Messerschmidt


Sarah Messerschmidt is an arts writer, researcher and practitioner with a focus on experimental and documentary film. At present she works on a creative research project in collaboration with Umam D&R, a Beirut-based NGO with a substantial film archive, as well as Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V. and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin. The project looks in particular at a small selection of recently digitised film reels from an historic film production studio in Lebanon, and formulates creative responses to this material within a framework that centres discourse on archival practices. Though not a filmmaker, she can often be found writing/thinking/researching topics that relate to film. She is also an avid film watcher. In general, Sarah is interested in "trans-local" arts organising, and fostering community through artistic practice.