About us

Peterborough Currents is a reader-funded, independent news outlet serving Peterborough, Ontario and the surrounding area. We have roots in our community and we report our stories with rigour and empathy.

Land acknowledgement

Peterborough Currents is grateful for the opportunity to work on the traditional and treaty territories of the Mississauga (Michi Saagig) Anishnaabeg. 

Our story

Peterborough Currents was founded in 2017 as a volunteer-driven grassroots journalism project by Will Pearson and Ayesha Barmania. For three years, we produced in-depth audio documentaries and interviews about Peterborough and released them as a podcast. We covered the arts, culture and politics of our city with passion, and we picked up some industry awards along the way.

In 2020, Ayesha and Will took part in the Independent News Challenge, receiving mentorship  from the founders of Indiegraf Media to expand Peterborough Currents into an independent news venture. We are continuing to work with Indiegraf to build our capacity and become a permanent part of the Peterborough media community. We want to provide our local audience with more independent journalism. To realize our vision, we have transitioned from a volunteer model to a reader-funded model, so we can sustain dedicated journalism.

Through membership contributions, our community is supporting our mission to put out bold journalism that helps readers understand their home.

Our team

Ayesha Barmania,

Ayesha Barmania moved to Peterborough in 2011 to attend Trent University for International Development Studies. While at Trent, they* caught a passion for journalism while working as a reporter for Arthur Newspaper. After graduating, they worked at the CBC in Toronto for five years before leaving to work as a freelancer. Ayesha is also the founder of local non-profit Peterborough Independent Podcasters, a sound artist and teacher of audio production skills.

*Ayesha is transgender and uses they/them pronouns.

Twitter: @AyeshaBarmania
Email me: ayesha [at] peterboroughcurrents.ca

Will Pearson, Co-publisher

Will Pearson grew up in Peterborough, moved away to pursue graduate studies, and returned in 2016. He helped to launch Peterborough Currents as a way of reconnecting with the community after he moved back. With almost ten years of journalism experience in local, regional and national media, he is thrilled to be doing journalism in and for a community he loves.

Twitter: @quillpearson
Email me: will [at] peterboroughcurrents.ca

Our values

In all our work, Peterborough Currents aims to be:

Rigorous — We don’t write stories solely based on press releases. We take our time and do research to verify information, place stories in their full context and consider alternate points of view.  

Constructive — We want our journalism to contribute to a better, more informed and more resilient Peterborough. We aim to cover solutions as often as we cover problems. And with every story, we always start by asking: How can our coverage be helpful?

Empathetic — We cover stories of community importance and never forget the individuals at the heart of the issue. We aim to publish stories that help us learn about our neighbours. When we begin reporting, we ask: Who is the most impacted?

Accountable — We know we won’t be perfect in how we do our work. Instead, we welcome the opportunity to engage, learn, and improve with the support of our community. We are accountable to our community and our readers, and we want to have a dialogue with you about how we can always be better.

Transparent — We’re asking the community to contribute financially to make Peterborough Currents a reality. That means we have a responsibility to be transparent about how we use those contributions. We will publish an annual transparency report that documents how we’re using our community support to produce our journalism.