Peterborough Currents is an independent local news outlet. It is a publication that is wholly owned by Peterborough Currents Media Inc. – a private corporation which has two shareholders: Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson.

Editorial independence

Peterborough Currents sets our own editorial agenda, guided by key current affairs issues.

Our editorial reporting is not influenced by the agendas of other news outlets, nor guided by press releases, business or government interests.

Articles for the website are in-depth, well-researched and provide long-term value as a document of historical record, and/or a guide to help readers understand local issues better.

Articles should achieve at least one of the following:

  • Document a story that would otherwise not be reported;
  • Provide context needed for readers to understand an issue;
  • Build a sense of community by introducing our audience to notable people; or
  • Contribute to ongoing dialogue about improving the community.

We prioritize original reporting, using our funding towards providing maximum community impact by publishing new journalism.

We will also license content from local journalists and documentary makers when the opportunity arises, and provided the content meets our editorial standards.

Any and all sponsored content will be disclosed and clearly indicated.

All of our reporting is vetted by a member of the editorial team. In the rare event we make a factual or contextual mistake, we correct it as soon as possible, and add a correction note to the story. If you notice an error requiring our attention, please email us at

Funding disclosures

Peterborough Currents receives financial support from individual audience members through our one-time donation and recurring financial membership program. In 2021, our total audience revenue was $24,292.65.

Peterborough Currents has received grant funding from the sources listed below. None of these organizations have had any editorial involvement.

  • Indiegraf Media with funding from the Facebook Journalism Project (one-time grant of $25,000 CAD in 2022);
  • Inspirit Foundation (one-time grant of $10,000 CAD in 2021);
  • Meta Journalism Project (one-time grant of $50,000 USD in 2021); and
  • Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19 program (one-time grant of $5,000 USD in 2020).

While Peterborough Currents receives grants from various organizations, accepting funding does not mean we endorse the person or organization behind it, nor does it exempt them from our journalistic scrutiny.

Other disclosures

Peterborough Currents has an ongoing relationship with Indiegraf Media, a marketing and web development agency that provides services to news outlets across North America.

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