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Podcast: Peterborough MPP candidates on drug decriminalization and safe supply

We asked candidates if they support the strategies that the Peterborough Board of Health says would combat the drug poisoning crisis

Podcast: How local MPP candidates would approach policing in Peterborough

By appointing members to the local police board, the provincial government helps set the tone for policing in Peterborough. So what kinds of people would MPP candidates appoint to the board?

Podcast: Who’s running in Peterborough—Kawartha?

Candidates Jen Deck, Greg Dempsey and Robert Gibson introduce themselves in this first episode of our provincial election podcast

The Greatest Show: The performance that left a legacy through Peterborough’s performing arts history

The 1988 production of R. Murray Schafer’s Patria 3, aka The Greatest Show, lives on in the memories of the artists who made it happen.

Interview: Dr. Thomas Piggott on his role in public health

Housing in Peterborough and the federal election

How would local federal candidates respond to the housing crisis?

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