Peterborough Currents accepts story ideas from local writers, photographers, podcasters and documentarians. (Make a different kind of media? You should get in touch, too!) We pay our contributors. Due to budget constraints, we are limited in how many stories we can assign, but we appreciate hearing from folks nonetheless. Journalism experience is an asset, but it’s not essential. 

Got an idea? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Please read through the website to get a sense of what we publish. 
  2. Send a brief email introducing yourself and the topic or story you’d like to cover. You can keep this very brief. We don’t have the budget to assign every story we’d like to, and so we want to spare you the effort of crafting a perfect pitch if we know from the outset that it won’t be a fit. 
  3. We’ll respond to your initial message as quickly as we can to either:
    1. Assign you the story
    2. Ask for more information or a more comprehensive pitch
    3. Inform you we won’t be able to assign the story
  4. If we are able to accept your pitch, an editor will be in touch with an assignment note and instructions.
  5. We’ll work with you through multiple rounds of collaborative editing to polish up the story and publish it. 
  6. We’ll pay you promptly by e-transfer within two weeks of receiving your second draft.

Are you ready? Here’s who to reach out to:

Send your idea to either Ayesha or Will, or both.

[email protected]
[email protected]

The Undercurrent

We are particularly interested in receiving story ideas for the Undercurrent, our bi-weekly arts and culture newsletter. The Undercurrent covers Peterborough’s creative community through reviews, news, profiles, interviews and more. 

We want the editorial scope of the Undercurrent to remain broad, but we’re particularly interested in spotlighting the work of independent, underground and/or DIY artists in Peterborough. We also construe “art” broadly: music, screenprinting, painting, performance, tattooing, architecture, crafting — all possible topics to cover. And we’re interested in celebrating people in arts-supportive roles, like culture workers, administrators and venue owners, as well. 

Generally, each issue features one story as well as a brief roundup of listings, news and announcements. We hire freelancers to write the stories, but compile the rest ourselves. Word count for the stories is flexible, and will be determined with your editor before your assignment is confirmed. 

Your pitch should explain what/who you want to cover and how you want to cover it. Examples: “I want to write a review of [this new work] by [this local artist].” Or, “I want to write a news story about the opening/closure of [this new/old venue] and what it means to Peterborough’s music community.”


We are also open to receiving pitches for our current podcast project: Neighbours. Each episode focuses on one local person telling their story and sharing their perspective on a topic. Ideally, the primary voice in each episode is that of the subject themselves. Our vision for Neighbours is that each episode will feel like a community member sharing their story, in their own words, to the listener. 

The first season of Neighbours will be devoted to telling stories of community members affected by or working to combat the overdose crisis. Listeners will hear stories from the front lines of those working to save lives, support others, and heal.

We are open to receiving pitches from experienced audio producers and/or documentary makers who can interview, record, script and edit an episode independently, and work collaboratively with the show producer on story structure. Having your own equipment is an asset but not required.

Your pitch should explain the story you want to tell. Example: “I want to tell the story of [a person] who has experienced [something] which has led them to [do their work].” In exceptional cases we may be open to pieces that deviate from this format.