Peterborough Currents building towards sustainability in 2021 with reader support

After a successful first year providing independent local news for Peterborough, we are asking our readers to become monthly contributors to help us achieve our goals.

This summer, we asked our community to support our vision of a reader-funded independent news website for Peterborough. And did they ever come through! 170 of our readers became Founding Members of Peterborough Currents, raising over $21,000 to put towards our launch. With that money, we: 

  • Built and launched our website; 
  • Reported stories like this one, about the number of people who have been banned from Peterborough homeless shelters;
  • Paid freelancers such as Zara Syed, who wrote this story about how local farmers fared this summer; 
  • Dove headfirst into the municipal budget process to bring you our Budget Week podcast and reporting series; and
  • Launched the Undercurrent, our arts and culture newsletter.

This was an exciting few months for us, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done. 

And we’re already looking forward to 2021. We’re embarking on new projects and we’re making a plan for how to grow and reach more people in Peterborough with our journalism. 

We’re also thinking about how to fund our work next year. There are still uncertainties. But here’s what we know for sure: the long-term sustainability of Peterborough Currents will depend on regular contributions from readers like you.

That’s why we’re asking our readers to sign up now to become monthly supporters of Peterborough Currents. Our goal is for 170 of our readers to contribute by the end of next week. 

We believe our journalism will make a positive impact in our community next year. If you are able, please consider joining us for 2021 as a monthly supporter. If a monthly contribution doesn’t suit you, we also have the option to make a one-time contribution.

We appreciate all the support we receive – it’s what lets us do our work and make it available for free, for everyone to read. By supporting us, you’re ensuring that everyone in Peterborough can learn about their community through Peterborough Currents.

Will Pearson and Ayesha Barmania pose with masks on

Thank you!


Will Pearson & Ayesha Barmania
Co-publishers, Peterborough Currents

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