Ayesha Barmania  - 
November 30, 2020

Last week, Peterborough city councillors sat as the finance committee to review each page of the 2021 draft municipal budget highlights book. This year, it was three evenings of deliberations and discussion, which gave councillors an opportunity to ask questions about city operations and propose amendments to the draft budget put forward by staff.

Co-publishers Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson have collected the highlights from each meeting so you can hear what happened.

To hear the highlights from Monday’s meeting about the City’s corporate and legislative department, skip to minute 2:15; for the highlights of the infrastructure and planning department from Tuesday’s meeting, skip to minute 9:30; and for the highlights on the community services department from Wednesday, skip to minute 19:05.

The 2021 budget will be voted to be approved on December 14 at a city council meeting, and things in the draft documents may change between now and then. Citizens can review the documents, communicate with their city councillors and register to speak at the city council meeting. To learn more click here

And if you have any questions about the municipal budget, you can also ask us!

Episode transcript coming soon.

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